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Beam systems provide beam-type weaponry.

Beam weapons deal mostly continues focused instant damage combined with additional effects. The firing angle of a beam changes almost instantly compared to conventional turrets. Creating a working beam requires two components: emitters and controllers. The number and type of emitters defines sustainability of the beam, while the number and type of controllers defines strength and characteristics.

Beam GUI[edit | edit source]

Beam GUI on Mouse-over click

In ship editor you can open a GUI, to display the characteristics of your beam system. Click with the left mouse button on the control room, connected to the beam controllers, while "?" option selected.

Beam Emitters[edit | edit source]

Emitters store the power internally and require a connection to the power system. Each emitter covers a 45° angle in the direction of the arc (N NE E SE S SW W NW). The duration of a specific type beam is defined by number and total capacity of all emitters in the entire ship, facing the same direction and covering the same angle. Larger emitters will typically provide more beam duration per tile, and less reloading time.

If two emitters are placed aligned in the same direction and adjacent to each other, they do not add their capacities in overlapping areas. The effect area of the right emitter will be fully used by the arc, while the emitter(s) on the left side will only work in the area not overlapped by any other emitter on the right side.

A portrayal of effect areas from two adjacent beam emitters.

Straight Emitters[edit | edit source]

Different sizes of straight emitters in the game, from left to right: Large, medium and small.

Straight Emitters Statistics Table[edit | edit source]

Small flat emitter thumb.png Medium flat emitter thumb.png Large flat emitter thumb.png
Small Medium Large
Cost - - -
Capacity 80 150 400
Charge Rate(CR/sec) 15 30 80
Dimensions 3x12 4x18 7x30
Tile Count 36 62 146
Capacity/Tile 2,2 2,4 2,7
Capacity/CR 5,3 5 5

Bent Emitters[edit | edit source]

Different sizes of bent emitters in the game, from top to bottom: Large, medium and small.

Bent Emitters Statistics Table[edit | edit source]

Small bent emitter thumb.png Medium bent emitter thumb.png Large bent emitter thumb.png
Small Medium Large
Cost - - -
Capacity 80 150 400
Charge Rate(CR/sec) 15 30 80
Dimensions 7x7 11x11 19x19
Tile Count 32 62 143
Capacity/Tile 2,5 2,4 2,8
Capacity/CR 5,3 5 5

Controllers[edit | edit source]

Controllers do not require connection to a power source (all existing ports are inactive), however they require a connection through a wiring selector to a console. The more controllers you have connected to a console, the stronger beam and greater energy cost (of the energy stored within emitters). You can connect up to 5 controllers to 1 console. [1]

Controllers Statistics Table[edit | edit source]

Yellow beam ctrl thumb.png Blue beam ctrl thumb.png Red beam ctrl thumb.png
Photon Graviton Quark
Cost 20500 60000 200000
Damage 90 120 90
Range 740 m 580 m 740 m
Energy Cost Very low Low Very high
Secondary effect None Adds mass to target None

References[edit | edit source]