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Controls and Keybinds[edit | edit source]

The game's key bindings can be modified in the Keybindings section of the options menu.

Ship Controls[edit | edit source]

Controls and keys that can be used when you are piloting a ship from a cockpit/control room.

  • Hold the LMB to orientate the ship towards the cursor for as long as it is pressed.
  • While using travel drive you can regulate the speed and direction by holding LMB and moving your cursor closer or further away from the ship.
  • Q and E allow strafing if LMB is not held; otherwise, A and D take over this function when it is held and the ship is automatically turning to follow.
  • Use the mouse wheel (if you have one) to zoom in and out in the piloting view.
  • Use R to reload turret energy; note that energy stored in the turret will be lost.
  • Use mouse button 4 to fire beam emitters.
  • Use mouse button 5 to fire a missile, hold button to fire all missiles; missiles require a target lock to use seeking capability.
    • It may be desirable to rebind these to the keyboard in the main menu's options, as not all mice have the buttons, and some may not be recognised as 4/5, if they default to forward/back, for instance.
  • Use . (period) to toggle ammo conservation (weapons won't fire if the cursor is outside their firing arc) and , (comma) to toggle between volley and barrage fire modes (volley fires each weapon sequentially and barrage fires every weapon as soon as it can next fire).
  • Use C to toggle the cargo scoop on and off.
  • Use T to toggle travel drive on and off (note that the ship has to initially charge it's drives before the travel drive starts).
  • For ships with special system modules (TOBI drives/Ogre MRLS/Repair bots) you can press the 1 through 5 number keys to activate the system in each slot.
  • Use F to exit the dialog you last entered (system map, ship control, etc) and return to crew mode.
  • Use M to toggle the system map display.
  • Press Shift to toggle docking mode.
  • When correctly aligned in docking mode use X to securely dock to the docking target.
  • When you want to undock, press Z to undock from the vessel/station your ship is docked to.
  • Use middle mouse button / MB3 while cursor over a target-locked enemy to switch aggressivity attitude of your crew towards that faction. (possible reason why your crew is not firing on the enemy from the secondary weapons console)

Crew Controls[edit | edit source]

Controls and keys that can be used when you are controlling your character inside a ship or station.

  • The WASD keys move your character around inside the ship.
  • When holding the RMB you can aim at the cursor with your weapon or simply look towards the cursor if you're not using a weapon. If using a repair gun this brings up a tooltip displaying stats of the module your cursor is over. Clicking LMB while holding RMB fires the weapon.
  • Holding the LMB when holding a fire extinguisher or repair gun uses that tool on the area your cursor is over (if your cursor is within the tool's range).
  • The F key activates the module you are closest to if it can be activated, examples are: cockpits/control rooms, airlocks, cargo bays and trade rooms. Note that in cargo bay dialogs you cannot swap gear or activate blueprints with right click, instead it transfers the item to the other container.
  • The E key brings up the character inventory (you can right-click to swap an equipment piece or activate a blueprint in this dialog).
  • By default the middle mouse button commands your crew member(s), to do so either click on their portrait on the right hand crew bar whilst in crew mode and press the crew command key/button over a damaged module, a fire, a cockpit you want them to control or just somewhere you want them to go. It is recommended you change this if you do not have a mouse or have a mouse with no middle mouse button or mouse wheel.

Universal Controls[edit | edit source]

These controls can be used either when controlling a ship or controlling your character.

  • The escape key brings up the in-game pause menu.
  • The I key brings up the research screen.
  • The F1 key brings up the help screen.

Ship Designer Controls[edit | edit source]

These controls can be used only in the ship designer, most other controls will not function in the designer.

  • Pressing LMB will select or place a module at the cursor.
  • Pressing RMB will delete a module under the cursor
    • Holding shift while having an item selected will use the item as a "eraser" brush, deleting multiple items at a time under it.
  • The WASD keys will move the camera around.
  • The Q and E keys, or the mouse wheel will rotate the currently selected module.
  • Use LMB on your Bridge (or any other console connected to beam controllers) while "?" cursor selected to bring up the beam systems UI
  • Press Ctrl+Z to undo last change.
  • Pressing LMB while holding shift and having a conduit module selected toggles the "path-finding" brush.
  • Pressing left ctrl + right ctrl + H in debug mode or sandbox ship editor will upgrade all armor tiles from T1 to T2

Special Controls For Test/Debug Mode[edit | edit source]

In the pause menu enter the konami code to enable "Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A B A"

OR if you launched wtf.exe directly (without steam) you can shift+click "continue" while in the main menu

  • Pressing the Delete key will bring up a spawn menu which allows you to drag and drop a custom profile ship and spawn it into the game.
    • Adjustments to the faction, if it is crewed, or teleportation options need to be selected before spawning the ship.
    • Pressing insert while this menu is open will allow you to spawn ships from flotilla files.
  • Pressing the Fn keys 2-12 should spawn assorted enemy ships, except for one ally one among them.
  • Pressing the End key will spawn a shock wave effect (Changes between patches)
  • Pressing the Insert key will spawn a large autocannon bullet, holding the button spawns a stream of them.
  • Pressing the "V" key will allow a non-fixed camera view for both interior and exterior ship views
  • While in the map screen, pressing "E" will teleport you to the sector.(Warning, it may teleport you inside an asteroid, causing instant destruction of your ship.)
  • Pressing the "C" key while in interior view will cause a monster spawner to spawn at cursor location.
  • Pressing the "DELETE" key while in interior view will damage your character
  • Pressing the "N" key in the inventory spawns random items. (May change each patch.)
  • Pressing the "N" key in the research screen gives you 1000000 credits.
  • Pressing the "N" key in the trading screen gives you 10000 credits
  • Pressing the "N" key in the skill screens gives you one mastery point.
  • Pressing the "P" key in any interior will render that interior into a PNG file in the "DUMPS" folder. (Warning, may lag/freeze/crash the game.)
  • Pressing the "home" key while using the console of a ship will render it's "bot" layer in the "DUMPS" folder. (Warning, it does save damage as well.)
  • Pressing the "\" key will freeze time.