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Zero Falls Update priority[edit | edit source]

Steam Key delivery for backers and external store buyers[edit | edit source]


Debugging[edit | edit source]

Responding and resolving issues surfaced by the community. And Making Quality Of Life changes.

  • add a slowing effect to graviton turrets
  • Make itchy twitchy weapon firing cones not itchy
  • a loading screen which will warn people if their computer has insufficient hardware to actually run the game so they don't experience random crashing and blame the devs
  • improvements for ordering crew
  • step interpolation for bullets
  • ability to toggle some graphics settings
  • stations are moving after you dock with them due to a center of mass bug
  • new NPC added with quest and lots of dialog (partially written)

Sleep[edit | edit source]

Yes, sleep would be nice. Perhaps a nap, sometime... A boy can dream, right?

Overhaul[edit | edit source]

  • Logistics screen
  • Save game selection

New features[edit | edit source]

  • pirate station prefabs
  • more early game quests/dialogue
  • adding the main objectives to the game which will be a series of large complexes full of bad guys and ship spawns, and turrets and stuff that you need to fight past to complete the actual game play objectives
  • Drones(T2)
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